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FunPrint “Haunted house” - printable Escape Room

 The participants are trapped in a house with ghosts. Will they be able to cope with their own fear and get out safe and sound from this trap?

They have only an hour to find secret artifacts and open the door. They’re on the clock!

The set includes:

·         Personal invitations,

·         Clues (including a clue with a augmented reality),

·         Message for players,

·         Thematic decoration: flags, bonbonniere, toppers, etc.,

·         Masks and props,

·         Instruction.

·         Necessary props.

·         Format:

·         pdf, mp3,rar.

Decoration format

The game has three decoration formats: regular, Winter/New Year-themed, and for Halloween. Initially, all the decoration is in color, but if you have a black and white printer, let us know, and we will prepare a black and white version for you.

Information on the game:

When ordering, you need to specify the following information: player’s names, cause for the party, name of the organizer, and the decoration format.

If you represent an organization, a center, a café, or a club, please specify its name.

For example, Halloween party, Bobby, Ivy, Maryam and, organizer Rose, for Halloween.


Charles Birthday, turns 15, Charles and his friends, regular.

or сlub «Young Scientists», Winter/New Year-themed decoration formats.

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 Lesia2002, спасибо за подробный отзыв и фото, очень интересное оформление у вас получилось! 

Автор: Master Funs         Опубликовано: Wed, 11/08/2017 - 12:50
Тема: Haunted House
Спасибо Master Funs!!! Порадовали классным квестом-страшилкой!!!

Карточки красиво тематически оформлены, задания разнообразные.

Здорово, что Master Funs еще помогает с декорациями. Вывеску "Haunted House" ( у нас была английская версия квеста) я повесила снаружи над входной дверью. В общем коридоре погасили свет и включили наводящую страх музыку. Задание "око "- это вообще бомба. Все прям ахнули, не ожидали. Играли мальчики 9-11 лет.

Приурочили мероприятие к Хэллоуину. Места, где были спрятаны подсказки, я постаралась оформить пострашнее. Очень рекомендую данный квест!!!

Квест на Хеллоуин для детей

Автор: Lesia2002         Опубликовано: Wed, 11/08/2017 - 12:48
Тема: Hiii!

OlgaB, this quest is an escape room, not a mystery murder dinner. This game can be conducted under two scenarios.

Scenario No. 1. The simple one. The players' task is to find the way out of a haunted house in 60 minutes. Scenario No. 2. The complicated one, with role-playing. Each player has a task of their own, depending on their role. Roles are simple ( only in two versions: human or ghost).

The possible number of players in Scenario No. 2 is up to 20.

At the moment, we can develop a new quest only in Russian.

Автор: Master Funs         Опубликовано: Tue, 09/19/2017 - 14:41
Тема: Hiii!

Will this quest suit a party of 20 ppl? With a role for each? Can you help with working out a new quest?

Автор: OlgaB         Опубликовано: Mon, 09/18/2017 - 08:49

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