For FunPrint ( games, scripts for download)


 Online downloading


Games, quests, scripts and sets from FunPrint can be downloaded as a pdf file and printed independently.


For FunBox (boxes with a quest or set inside)


We organize the delivery of FunBox, sets and games to the CIS countries, Europe and other countries by the way convenient for you:


1. Standart Dilivery via Postal Service 


Most packages arrive within 7-30 days (depending on your location).

Each parcel is assigned a unique tracking number, with which you can track the way of sending.


The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the parcel, the tariffs of the postal service and our costs of processing the shipment.  Additional taxes, fees or levies may apply according to local legislation.


2. Express Delivery via EMS


This service is provided on the territory of Europe and more than 200 countries.

Express Delivery orders will be delivered within within 3-8 business days. Each parcel is also assigned a unique tracking number.


4. Free Shipping


"Free Shipping" applies to all FunBox and games marked with a special icon during the validity period of the promotion..

Delivery is carried out by regular mail - a small package with assigning track numbers for tracking.


How fast do we send Funbox and FunPrint?


FunPrint we depart within 24 hours.

And FunBox, as a rule, we send the order on the next working day after it arrives or confirm the payment.


Return and exchange


If your FunBox or FunPrint is incomplete, please inform us by  e-mail or by phone: +375 29 565 41 84.  After that our employees will contact you and offer options for replacement, return or repair of the defect.