Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Why do I have to specify the country, address or phone number if I need FunPrint?


Different payment methods are available for different countries. Please specify your country so that we can offer you a convenient and up-to-date method.


Address is an optional field. You do not have to fill it in.


The same is true for Phone. However, we recommend filling it in so that we can contact you, if necessary. For example, if you mistype your email.


How fast will we send FunBox?



We will send FunPrint to your email within 24 hours.


We will send FunBox the next business day after the order is received or payment is confirmed.


Most packages via Postal Service arrive within 7-30 days (depending on your location), via EMS (Express Delivery) -  within 3-8 business days. 


I can't find my order confirmation email to check the status of my order. What should I do?


You can check the status of your order by emailing us (


Please also check your SPAM or JUNK folder in your email account to see if the order confirmation email is there. 


I do not know what to write in the field Information for FunPrint.


The information you need to write down is specified on each FunPrint page.


If your event is not standard, part of the information can be replaced with another one. To do this, tell us about your event, and we will suggest how you can replace your information.


If you want to use the script several times in a children's club or center, write its title, etc.


Please note that materials without personal information are not provided.


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