FunPrint - Printable Game, Treasure Hunt and Escape Room

The participants are trapped in a house with ghosts. Will they be able to cope with their own fear and get out safe and sound from this trap?

1 812,28 руб.

Among the traditional aperitifs, your guests will find not only their favorite cocktails and snacks, but also a ‘message’, which says that to continue the party and get more alcoholic beverages, they will have to solve a hilarious quest.   

1 335,36 руб.

Players caught in a trap are challenged to find the way out of the closed space (home or office) for 60 minutes using clues.  

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It is printable pirate treasure hunt game for kids.   The players will go on an exciting pirate adventure, go through monumental challenges, become one team, and, of course, find John Silver’s treasures!

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Brave players are to find evil monsters, who have stolen a holiday cake.

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The FunPrint “Day X” is an ingenious way to hand over a gift to an adult. The player will have to find and to decipher the clues, which will lead him to the gift.

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The quest was very interesting! We went through it with kids aged from 8 years.  For older kids, we arranged a workshop on scary makeup (to scare off...

“Haunted house” - printable Escape Room , Anticafe "Morkov"

My colleagues loved the quest! Hello guys! My colleagues from the male side of the office liked your KEY quest very much! Thanks a lot!  
Martha Svystun

In the office, "Key" - printable Escape Room Game , Oriflame

I’d recommend it to everyone  We had lots of fun!    I added a couple of my own “practical” tasks.   I'll share them with you: we had small plastic...
Anna Kant

AlcoQuest - printable adult treasure hunt for adults , Birthday party

I first ordered and downloaded the FunPrint "John Silver’s Treasures" for my birthday. The guests were delighted. Thank you very much!   It wasn’t...

FunPrint "John Silver’s Treasures" - printable pirate treasure hunt , Birthday party, indoor

It’s an excellent quest, can be easily adapted to the space chosen for it. Six people are a perfect number for going through it carefully.   The...

"Key" - printable Escape Room Game , Maleyevo Library

We celebrated my daughter’s 9th birthday in the city park. The guests were both girls and boys. It was interesting for all of them.   And the...

FunPrint “Monsters” printable treasure hunt , My daughter’s 9th birthday

Thank you Master Funs!!! You gave us lots of pleasure with the cool horror quest!!! The cards were beautifully and thematically arranged, and the...

FunPrint “Haunted house” - printable Escape Room , Halloween

Thank you guys! We had an excellent celebration. Everybody was very pleased!   We played with 3 teams and finished with a 20-minute difference, so it...

FunPrint "John Silver’s Treasures" - printable pirate treasure hunt , Family treasure hunt

We carried out the Treasure hunt. There were 8 players, I divided them into two teams and tried to distribute the tasks equally but one of the teams...

FunPrint "John Silver’s Treasures" - printable pirate treasure hunt , Outdoors, Birthday

Thank you Masterfuns for the creativity and promptness!    We celebrated the child’s birthday in the “Halloween” style.  We received the quest...

FunPrint “Haunted house” - printable Escape Room , Child’s birthday in the “Halloween” style

We liked everything about the quest! The preparations were quite fascinating for the quest organizer: how to make the “freezer” if there’s no fridge...

FunPrint "Key" - printable Escape Room Game , Birthday party

It was the first time I ordered a quest (russian version, but available in English too), and I had no idea what and how was going to happen!! I didn’...
Athletic Women's Club Mrs. Sporty

"John Silver’s Treasures" - printable pirate treasure hunt , Party for club members

It was an excellent quest for a party! The guests had a great time and lots of fun, ran about the rooms, and even had a chance to compete!   I’d...

“AlcoQuest” - printable adult treasure hunt , Birthday party

Key Features


Take advantage of Master Funs’ 15-year experience in developing and creating games, quests, and designer entertainments to surprise your family or friends with a colorful celebration.

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Personal Approach

You will receive a set that has been carefully prepared for your celebration. 

The decorations will reflect the occasion for the event, the invitations will be personalized, the legend and the tasks will be addressed personally to the players.

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Unique Scenarios

Each of them contains an unmatched plot and a variety of tasks: from classical brain twisters to unusual tasks involving augmented reality. Quests are available in Russian and English.

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