Игры и квесты для любой вечеринки

Подброрка квестов, которые можно устроить в любой день, без специального повода.

В каждом комплкте для самостоятельной печати вы найдете: готовые карточки с заданиями, легенды для игроков, приглашения, улики и прочий реквизит.

The participants are trapped in a house with ghosts. Will they be able to cope with their own fear and get out safe and sound from this trap?

Among the traditional aperitifs, your guests will find not only their favorite cocktails and snacks, but also a ‘message’, which says that to continue the party and get more alcoholic beverages, they will have to solve a hilarious quest. 

Players caught in a trap are challenged to find the way out of the closed space (home or office) for 60 minutes using clues.


It is printable pirate treasure hunt game for kids.


The players will go on an exciting pirate adventure, go through monumental challenges, become one team, and, of course, find John Silver’s treasures!

Brave players are to find evil monsters, who have stolen a holiday cake.