FunPrint “Day X” - printable treasure hunt

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FunPrint “Day X” - printable treasure hunt. 
The FunPrint “Day X” is an ingenious way to hand over a gift to an adult. The player will have to find and to decipher the clues, which will lead him to the gift.

Event: Birthday, Romantic
Place: Cafe, Home, Office
Players: Adults, Teens




You’ll need about 15 minutes to print out the materials and to hide the clues in the house, office or cafe, and the unconventional adventure is ready!


The set contains:


  • instruction sheet with answers to the hints
  • cards with clues
  • postcard,
  •  decorations.



Information for FunPrint


When placing your order, write the player’s name, the type of occasion, сolor: blue (recommended for men) or beige (recommended for women) and your name.

For example, Jacob, birthday, 32 years old, color: blue, With love, Laiya


How quickly will the quest be ready?


The FunPrint will be sent to your email address within several hours (maximum 24 hours).


The quest has been prepared for printing out on A4 sheets. 




pdf, rar.

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Subject: Thank you!

LoreleiP, thanks for your feedback!

Post date: 07/06/2017 - 14:53

Subject: Thank you!

It doesn’t matter what the gift is, when you give a gift in this creative way. Really clear instructions.
My husband was surprised and pleased when I gave the with a clue instead of a gift on his birthday.
Thank you!

Post date: 07/05/2017 - 11:48