FunPrint “Monsters” printable treasure hunt

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The “Monsters” is the treasure hunt for kids.

Brave players are to find evil monsters, who have stolen a holiday cake.


The players’ll have find and to solve the clues (cards with puzzles and riddles), which will lead them to the cake and to thwart all insidious plan.

Event: Birthday, Игры и квесты для Выпускного, New Year, Halloween, Easter, Any party
Place: Игры и квесты дома, Игры и квесты на свежем воздухе, Игры и квесты в офисе, Игры и квесты в кафе, ресторане или баре, Игры и квесты в школе, Игры и квесты в детском центре, клубе
Players: Children (6-12 years)

What age is it best for?


Ages 6 - 12. 




  • Indoors: at home, in a classroom, club or other room.
  • Outdoors. 


The set contains:


  • instruction sheet with answers to the clues,
  • clues,
  •  card,
  • invitations,
  • decorations.


Information for FunPrint:


If it is a birthday party, write the birthday celebrant’s name, how old he (she) turns on this day, location (indoor or outdoor), the guests’ names if they are already known.

And if it is a party for a different occasion, write what the occasion is, who the organizer is, and what the monsters have stolen. It doesn’t have to be a cake. Those can be toys, or all the sweets in the house.


For example, Jule, 8 years old years old, all sweets, guests’ names Lisa, Sasha, Seаn, indoor.


How quickly will the quest be ready?


FunPrint will be sent to your email within several hours (maximum 24 hours).



You’ll need about 15-30 minutes to print out the materials and to hide the clues and the unconventional adventure is ready!


During the game:

1. Give the card "Happy Birthday" and the first clue to the players. 
2. Keep track of the progress of the quest. Give hints to the players if necessary.

After the game:

1. After the game, suggest that the guests share their brightest impressions!
2. If you have time left after the game, you can offer additional entertainment to participants.


The objects, which can be used in the game indoor (you can select 7 or 10 of them):


  • Mirror
  • Carpet
  • Any table
  • Towel
  • Stove
  • Fork
  • Any box
  • Painting
  • Chair
  • Any toy
  • Wardrobe
  • Clock
  • Jug
  • Computer
  • Flower pot


The objects, which can be used in the game outdoor (you can select 7 or 10 of them):


  • grass
  • any bench
  • fence
  • arbore
  • fork
  • any box
  • flowers
  • bike
  • any toy
  • swing
  • mirror or water (puddle, a pond, a bucket of water)
  • lamp (or lantern)
  • jug
  • sandbox
  • trunk



pdf, rar.

FunPrint has been prepared for printing out on A4 sheets.

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Subject: Thank you

We celebrated my daughter’s 9th birthday in the city park. The guests were both girls and boys. It was interesting for all of them.

And the decorations gave us aesthetic pleasure =)

my daughter’s 9th birthday in the park treasure hunt

The quest can be prepared very quickly. There were enough tasks and to spare, we didn’t even use all of them.

Thank you for the celebration and for the time saved! Now I’m back for a quest for my son’s birthday.


Post date: 07/21/2018 - 10:45