FunPrint "John Silver’s Treasures" - printable pirate treasure hunt

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It is printable pirate treasure hunt game for kids.

The players will go on an exciting pirate adventure, go through monumental challenges, become one team, and, of course, find John Silver’s treasures!

Event: Birthday, Any party
Place: Игры и квесты на свежем воздухе
Players: Children (6-12 years)

The set includes:


  •  instruction sheet with answers to the clues,
  • personal invitations,
  • clues,
  • John Silver’s message,
  • decorations,
  • necessary props.




- Outdoor.


Information for FunPrint


When placing your order, write a location (outdoor), player’s names, who the organizer is and data for invitations.

For example, Alice, Alexander, Leo, Dylan and Olivia.

And If it’s a birthday party, write the birthday boy’s (girl’s) name, how old he (she) turns on this day.

For example, Olivia, 9 years old years old, Olivia and her friends, outdoor, July 12, 2022.


How quickly will the quest be ready?


FunPrint will be sent to your email within several hours (maximum 24 hours).



You’ll need about 15-30 minutes to print out the materials and to hide the clues and the pirate party is ready!


During the game:


1. When you greet the participants, ask them for the password you’ve written in the invitations. After
getting the right answer, invite the guests on board.
2. Give the card “Letter from John Silver” and the first clue to the players.
3. Keep track of the progress of the quest. Give clues to the players if necessary.
The objects, which can be used in the game:
1. a lantern 
2. a flower bed
3. a swing or a ketchup
4. a log
5. a barn
6. a maple
7. a birch
8. a pine
9. a stump
10. a stone
11. a sandbox
12. a grill (or a barbecue)
13. glasses
14. a book or a poster
15. a swimming pool, a river or  fountain (any water object)
16. a refrigerator or an ice bucket 
17. an agent (one of the guests)
18. any object




pdf, rar.

FunPrint has been prepared for printing out on A4 sheets.

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Thank you guys! We had an excellent celebration. Everybody was very pleased!


pirate treasure hunt game for kids


We played with 3 teams and finished with a 20-minute difference, so it was interesting (Russian version).


We didn’t use only one of the additional tasks, and made decorations: flags on cocktail picks. Shortly speaking, it was fun and stylish. 

Post date: 05/24/2019 - 11:16

We carried out the Treasure hunt. There were 8 players, I divided them into two teams and tried to distribute the tasks equally but one of the teams went through them all quicker than the other one. And as I had cut the last hint into two pieces, the kids had to help the other team in order to find the treasure together ))


I didn’t print the back sides of the hints for cost-saving reasons, just numbered them and marked with colors assigned to each team, for them not to take the other team’s hints.

When they asked me for help, they had to draw slips (slips can be added to the additional entertainments).


All toasts were given with pirate words from the set!


In general, I think it all was great fun, everybody was pleased with such an unusual scenario.


Thank you for the work you did!

We carried out the Treasure hunt.


Post date: 08/25/2018 - 14:50

I first ordered and downloaded the FunPrint "John Silver’s Treasures" for my birthday. The guests were delighted. Thank you very much!


It wasn’t easy to unscramble it but we coped with it. We didn’t use the additional tasks and decorations. 

treasure hunt birthday party


I would ask the designers to change the font as it was difficult for many people including myself to read the small letters.

Post date: 05/30/2018 - 15:39

Elli0t, to play the game, you need 7-10 objects from the list below (for 1-6 players):

1.        Lantern

2.       Flower bed

3.       Swing or ketchup

4.       Log

5.        Barn

6.        Maple

7.        Birch

8.       Pine

9.       Stump

10.     Stone

11.      Sandbox

12.     A grill or a barbecue

13.     Glasses

14.     Book or a poster

15.      A swimming pool, a river or fountain (any water object)

16.      Refrigerator or an ice bucket

17.      Agent (one of the guests)

18.     Any object

Post date: 05/16/2018 - 13:04

In what places outdoors the clues and treasure can be hidden (1-6 players)?

Post date: 05/16/2018 - 12:12

It was the first time I ordered a quest (russian version, but available in English too), and I had no idea what and how was going to happen!! I didn’t understand anything in the beginning but gradually got a grip of it, especially as the Master Funs team was always ready to help and to explain things.


Women's Sports Club pirate party


And so the day came... I was very anxious, but after showing some more acting skills the grown women were happy like small kids. There was so much gratitude for the day that it kept our souls warm for another week, and the memories will live in our hearts for a very long time...))))

Post date: 08/31/2017 - 09:35

Jasmine H, thanks for your feedback!

Post date: 07/06/2017 - 12:32

We played this FunPrint as a family activity and we had an awesome experience! Would definitely recommend it :)

Post date: 07/06/2017 - 10:24