Everybody was pleased with such an unusual scenario

Outdoors, Birthday
FunPrint "John Silver’s Treasures" - printable pirate treasure hunt

We carried out the Treasure hunt. There were 8 players, I divided them into two teams and tried to distribute the tasks equally but one of the teams went through them all quicker than the other one.

And as I had cut the last hint into two pieces, the kids had to help the other team in order to find the treasure together ))


I didn’t print the back sides of the hints for cost-saving reasons, just numbered them and marked with colors assigned to each team, for them not to take the other team’s clues.


When they asked me for help, they had to draw slips (slips can be added to the additional entertainments).


All toasts were given with pirate words from the set!


In general, I think it all was great fun, everybody was pleased with such an unusual scenario.


Thank you for the work you did!