Thank you Masterfuns for the creativity and promptness!

Child’s birthday in the “Halloween” style
FunPrint “Haunted house” - printable Escape Room

Thank you Masterfuns for the creativity and promptness! 


We celebrated the child’s birthday in the Halloween” style

We received the quest scenario with detailed instructions and the other decorative elements specified in the description within an hour after making the order. 

All the materials turned out to be of good quality, and the description of the preparations for the quest was exhaustive, so we didn’t have any questions. We arranged the place of our celebration in the quest’s style using the decorations and settings provided by Masterfuns and supplementing them with a thematic cake, balloons, candles, as well as figures of spiders, bats, and of course ghosts. 

The kids (boys aged 9 years) played with much interested, and got especially great pleasure from the Ice hand task. We had to guide the players to the right ideas from time to time in order not to let the game slow down. The Twilight Eye task was left for last. The application specially prepared on a parent’s smartphone didn’t start (though it had worked well on the previous evening), but the kids didn’t lose their heads. The boys promptly downloaded the Eye onto another device and coped with the task. 

In the end of the game, the guests performed a dance with masks, and each participant received a sweet prize in a festive candy box. Both the kids and the parents were pleased with the quest. 

Now we are planning to purchase the Alco Quest as the adults want to play too! :)